Limited Edition of 100 Prints

Embossed and laminated hot press print on paper.
Limited Edition series by Beatrice Spadea.

Available in 6 different colors:
★ Rose Golden ★ Holographic ★ Golden ★ Bright Silver ★ Aquamarine ★ Metallic Pink
Two types of frames :
□ White frame: whitened effect that reveals the grain of the wood
■ Frame black: in matt black enamel
◱ Unframed: 19" x 19" - 48x48 cm
◱ Framed: 21" x 21" x 1,5" - 54x54x4 cm 

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<transcy>The Hot Press Process</transcy>

All pieces of this Limited Edition are created by an embossing and laminating process, chosen to enhance the 3-dimensionality on the patterned surface. Each piece is manufactrued individually, through the follwoing 3 key stages:

  • <transcy>1. The Mold Engraving</transcy>

    The drawing of the mask is engraved by a CNC process on steel plates. These plates will be used as embossing dies, on the press, to impritnt the artwork on paper.

  • <transcy>2. The Foil Stamping</transcy>

    After the installation of the engraved plates on the press, the foil material of the desired color is also placed in the machine and it is follwing imprinted on paper.

  • <transcy>3. The Embossing</transcy>

    As last step, the engraving is enhanced on the paper surface by the application of a twin mold, that is also installed on the press and delivers final pattern details.

<transcy>Certified ✔️</transcy>

This is a Limited Edition series of 100 pieces.

Each artwork is shipped together with its certificate of autenticity, reporting serial piece number and including the original Artist's signature.

<transcy>The Mask's Concept</transcy>

This Limited Edition series of Printed artworks is inspired by the mask theme, that I have extensively explored over the last years.

The Masks' concept borrows from African tradition, in which it was believed that the mask worn by the shaman allowed him to connect with the otherwordly. Wearing the mask, the shaman could abandon his identity to assume the one that the mask represented.

Today my masks are conceived as portals to achieve other dimensions, acting as breaking points that allow escaping elsewhere.

Wearing, symbollically, one of my mask means becoming whoever or wahtever you want to be, jumping into such parallel reality.

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